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Caryn Steese Locker

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Caryn Steese

About Me

Welcome to my webpage!  This term I'm teaching 3 fabulous classes!

2 1/2 to 3 1/2 Year Old Early Preschool

Fun Art

Mini Chefs

My Journey with SBAS

My journey with South Bay Adult School began in the 1980’s when I enrolled in a class with my youngest daughter.  In 1991 I was hired as an assistant in one of the SBAS classes.  A few years later I started teaching.  My first teaching assignment at SBAS was for a 2 to 3 year old class.  Currently I teach a 2 ½- 3 ½ year old class.  I developed the idea for a cooking class called “Mini Chefs” for 3 to 5 years old children.  Children, cooking and family have always been a passion of mine.  My goal as a teacher is to promote and enhance a mutually satisfying relationship between the children and their parents.  I believe that my class provides an environment where positive parent-child interaction can occur.  My class also uses developmentally appropriate activities in order to enhance the growth of the children I teach.   

MINI CHEFS! I personally enjoy cooking and trying new tastes and flavors.

I am outgoing, friendly, happy and energetic.  I love children.  I believe that children can learn a lot through cooking.  Through foods, children can learn about different cultures, geography, science, math, health and fitness.

Currently, I am teaching 3-5 year olds in a cooking class.  I try to ensure that the food experience in the classroom is always positive.  The biggest challenge is getting the children to try new foods.  Every class meeting the children sit in a group circle and try a food.  I encourage the children to “smell, lick or bite” the food.  I tell the children about the history of the food, how the food is grown or produced and where it comes from.  I also give them nutritional information about the food.  I remind the children that sometimes it takes several times of “tasting” before they get used to the flavor and texture of the food.  I want the children to learn that trying new foods can be fun, delicious and healthy. 

I also do some basic cooking projects with the children.  Because of the age level of the children in my class, the cooking projects are simple and basic.  The cooking projects include making pumpkin pancakes, mini sub sandwiches, turkey tacos, chicken soup and salad bars.  The biggest lesson I have learned in the classroom is that children take ownership of their own cooking project.  They are more inclined to eat and enjoy a new dish or food if they are involved in the process of preparing it.

Art Fun Class-See What We Do!


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How to Reach Me

Pacific Center (310)376-6211

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