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Our Core Values, Strengths, and Accomplishments


Our Core Values



Being Respectful

Student Success



Open Communication



  • Established new Pathways and programs
  • Started an afternoon ESL class
  • Website improvements
  • Successfully filled the Program Specialist position
  • Implemented a new GED Preparation program
  • We have a teacher on special assignment (TOSA)
  • Hired a new ESL teacher
  • Got a new Director
  • The Director has a nice office
  • New brochure design
  • We are implementing a new internal communication system, The Hive
  • Launched high school diploma workshops
  • Successful summer program
  • Fine-tuned our professional development; it is more relevant
  • Established TLC meetings that are about staff sharing ideas
  • We developed placement interview questions for the registration process
  • ABE started a student-created literary magazine, BayErudite
  • New Director with a new vision
  • We have new staff shirts
  • New staff sweatshirts have been ordered
  • At our informational sessions, the attendees are being updated regarding Pathways
  • Created a matrix of each Career Pathway, indicating entry and exit points
  • Marketing flyers are constantly being updated for students
  • Career Pathway slide shows were updated
  • Identified additional classes that we can market well
  • Providing internal IT training
  • The District’s TOSA provided Google Drive training
  • We have an adult ed educator providing professional development
  • Developed a syllabus and student learning outcomes for ABE
  • Established communication norms
  • Held a phenomenal International Day celebration
  • Efficient, streamlined registration process
  • El Camino Career and Majors Fair
  • We’re going to stop asking for students’ Social Security numbers
  • Mannequins Humberto and Felicia have joined our team
  • Everyone has been trained in administering CASAS testing
  • Developed clear criteria for moving through the ESL levels
  • Hosted Blueprint Leadership training in June
  • Developed an ABE class description
  • We hold monthly meetings for teaching staff
  • Students in the Pathways Program are impressed with it