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High School Diploma

Program Overview
The South Bay Adult School is pleased to provide a free and accredited Independent Studies - High School Diploma program for adults who have previously earned at least 100 high school credits. Coursework is completed through the Acellus on-line curriculum which customizes lessons to the unique needs of each student. Pacing of each lesson is tailored to provide more content and practice time on concepts that are challenging for students and less time on concepts that students have mastered. The majority of the Acellus classes meet the UC and CSU A-G college entrance requirements. Textbooks are not required and students are free to study at times that are convenient for them, day or night, wherever an internet connection is available. Students should expect to study on their own approximately 15 hours per week.

In addition to on-line learning, students will meet one hour per week, per class, in the Learning Lab to take exams, complete on-site class lessons, and receive support from our credentialed teachers. Students will also attend mandatary workshops to help them with organization and study skills. Typically students are enrolled in three classes at a time and may choose the one hour per class according to the schedule below.
**Please note students must have flexibility to attend within these lab hours**
Students who complete 230 credits in the required classes at any point during the school year are eligible to participate in a formal graduation ceremony on June 10, 2020.   The graduation ceremony is open to friends and family to come and celebrate your success.
New Student On-line Enrollment Dates for 2019-2020:  
  • July 22 - August 15, 2019.  Classes begin August 27, 2019.  Transcripts due by August 16, 2019.
  • September 23 - October 10, 2019.  Classes begin October 28, 2019.  Transcripts due by October 11, 2019.
  • December 9, 2019 - January 9, 2020.  Classes begin January 27, 2020. Transcripts due by January 10, 2020. 
  • February 24, 2020 - March 19, 2020.  Classes beginning April 13, 2020. Transcripts due by March 20, 2020.


You must be at least 18 years of age and have earned at least 100 high school credits to enroll.  During the open enrollment dates  CLICK HERE to set up a user account and enroll into the High School Diploma program.  You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have successfully registered. If you do not immediately receive the confirmation email please call the South Bay Adult School office at 310-937-3340.



Submit official transcripts from the last last high school attended to SBAS office no later than August 15, 2019. Official transcripts must be in official and sealed envelopes. If you do not have your official transcript available, please drop off or email an unofficial transcript to and then submit the official copy when you receive it. Transcripts must be received by August 15, 2019, to continue with the enrollment process. Transcripts are currently being accepted for evaluation.




Attend a required orientation and reading assessment session which will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete on:
                 August 27, 2019   1:00pm (please arrive no later than 1:00pm) - 3:30pm
                 August 28, 2019   1:00pm (please arrive no later than 1:00pm) - 3:30pm

Email your session preference to and please arrive on time to your Orientation session.



Begin attending classes the week of August 27, 2019.




Brett Ploumen, South Bay Adult School Counselor

310-937-3340 extension 3309