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Director's Message


Welcome back to fall!   Our mission at South Bay Adult School (SBAS) is to empower and encourage students to be lifelong learners while meeting the diverse needs and interests of the community.


At SBAS, we offer a wide range of adult education programs across the South Bay to fit your individual needs and interests. SBAS provides people the opportunity to continue their learning, to develop as well as gain new skills and abilities, to expand their knowledge, and improve the career prospects available to them

There are a number of reasons to be excited about this new school year. We have a number of new staff and programs that will help our school better prepare students for college and work transitions. We are pleased to announce our Advanced Manufacturing Pathway. In partnership with El Camino College (ECC), SBAS will provide Adult Education and Literacy and Workforce Prep, and ECC will provide Workforce Training as part of the Integrated Education and Training Model (IET). SBAS will provide English language acquisition activities, family literacy activities, basic math and writing skills for the workplace, digital literacy skills, critical thinking, employability skills and soft skills, while ECC provides the hands-on training in construction and machine tool technology. This course will be offered in four eight-week modules, that upon completion, students will have the opportunity for a pre-apprenticeship training program. We are also offering Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes in Business and Finance. This CTE pathway will prepare students for an entry-level position in the banking industry as well as well foundational knowledge for accounting, bookkeeping, and managing personal income and expenses.  Students in Introduction to Healthcare Careers will interactively learn about: educational and licensing requirements, medical terminology, communication skills, plus duties and responsibilities of the specific healthcare jobs available in the community.

Registration for classes is easy and convenient.  Visit us at www.southbayadult.org and sign-up today.



Maribel Galan, Ed.D.