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English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language & Distance Learning

ESL students at South Bay Adult School

One of the largest programs at South Bay Adult School (SBAS) is English as a second language (ESL). Adult English Language (EL) programs are designed to help those who are new to the United States and others who have not yet fully developed proficiency in English to acquire the basic knowledge and skills they need to function effectively as parents, in their occupation, and in society.

Our ESL Program offers six levels of English instruction. Upon registration, your English language skills will be assessed. You will be placed in the appropriate level based on your assessment results. Our Six Levels of Success inlcude:

Low Beginning ESL

Low Beginning students will practice listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar activities to improve communication in social and work situations outside the classroom and build a foundation for success in higher-level ESL classes.

High Beginning ESL

Students will also learn to discuss past experiences relating to personal and occupational
achievements. In addition, students will learn to express future plans and goals.

Low Intermediate ESL

This course emphasizes everyday life and vocational skills you can apply to family, work
and study. Students begin to initiate conversations in English using familiar themes.

High Intermediate ESL

Students have the opportunity to increase their vocabulary and acquire advanced grammar.
Emphasis is placed on completing forms such as income tax and health insurance, and
also interpreting information on report cards, lease agreements and car insurance policies.
Focus is placed on writing structured paragraphs with a main idea, supporting sentences
and conclusion sentence.

Low Advanced

This course focuses on integrating English language skills to effectively communicate in
familiar and unfamiliar social and work situations. Emphasis is placed on solving problems
outside of the classroom.

Advanced ESL (Bridge to Academic and Career Success)

Develop excellent tools for transitioning to college, vocational training or landing the right
job for your skill set. this course focuses on improving reading, writing and speaking skills
necessary for employment and/or continuing education. Students need to pass an English
proficiency test or have a teacher’s recommendation to enroll in this class.

  • Employment and Higher Wages – Bilingual workers are in high demand in today’s job market. Learn English to increase your employability and provide a higher standard of living for your family.
  • Further Your Education – You can learn English and continue your education and career path at SBAS. Earning your high school diploma, career certificate, or college degree does not have to be an unattainable dream! We can help you reach your goals by creating an educational plan and guide you on the pathway to college and career success.   
  • ESL and Technology – Our ESL Program allows you to learn English through the use of technology. We can help you explore career and job opportunities in high demand.  
  • Sense of Belonging – Learning English will allow you to expand your social network. You will be able to engage in conversations with your children, children’s teachers, doctors, co-workers, and friends in the community.
  • Self-Pride – Learning English is an honorable choice! It takes desire and hard work; but once accomplished, your education and gained skills will create a pathway to your future.
Ahmed, Bilquis Teacher (High Beginning ESL)
Chrisman, Dianne Teacher (High Beginning ESL)
Jenssen, Katherine Teacher (Career Pathways)
Lavelle, Alicia Teacher (Low Beginning ESL)
Matheson, Domenica Teacher (Advanced ESL)
Memberto-Kelly, Jackie Teacher (CASAS Coordinator & GED Prep Teacher)
Olivas, Gabriel Teacher (High Intermediate ESL)
Perez, Nataly Teacher (Low Intermediate ESL)
Polk, Barbara Teacher (Citizenship PM)
Pollack, Tish Teacher
Staffieri, Nancy Teacher (Low Intermediate ESL)

All classes are held at Edison Center, 3401 Inglewood Avenue, Redondo Beach.

More info? Call Jonathan 310.937.3340 x3305
More info, contact Jackie @
310.937.3340 x3311.
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