English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Whether you want to get a job, get a promotion, go to college, prepare for the citizenship interview or just communicate better with your neighbors and friends, improving your English skills is an important way to achieve your goals. Our FREE classes provide English instruction that is designed to meet your educational goals with a focus on using English for real-life needs, employment, and citizenship. Classes include practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, for beginning through advanced students. We have English classes Monday through Friday in the morning, 8:30am - 11:30am, and Monday through Thursday in the evening 6pm - 8:30pm. There may also be a few mid-day ESL Classes depending upon the term. Most ESL classes are taught in person on our campus. Check with us for the latest class offerings.
South Bay Adult School follows all health directives and protocols as set forth by the Los Angles County Department of Health and the Redondo Beach Unified School District
One of the largest programs at South Bay Adult School (SBAS) is English as a second language (ESL). Adult English Language (EL) programs are designed to help those who are new to the United States and others who have not yet fully developed proficiency in English to acquire the basic knowledge and skills they need to function effectively as parents, in their occupation, and in society.

Our ESL Program offers six levels of English instruction. Upon registration, your English language skills will be assessed. You will be placed in the appropriate level based on your assessment results. Our Six Levels of Success include:
Orientation Level English
This course is for beginning English language learners.   In this course, students with limited English will learn basic vocabulary, the alphabet, and skills to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing.   Focus is on practical vocabulary, question words, understanding questions and real-life conversation skills in the present tense.


Low Beginning ESL

In this course, students will practice listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar activities to improve communication in social and work situations outside the classroom and build a foundation for additional levels of ESL instruction.


High Beginning ESL

This course builds upon skills learned in Low Beginning. The focus is on communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening for reaching academic and employment goals as well as everyday communication. Students will learn to communicate in different settings such as work, health, and housing. High Beginning students will learn how to discuss past experiences relating to personal and occupational achievements, in addition to expressing future plans and goals.


 Low Intermediate ESL

This course facilitates active and contextualized learning within life-skills settings that will lead students toward greater community involvement as well as career and higher academic pathways. Topics covered include vocational/educational goals, shopping, housing, health, jobs, and community. Through developing essential literacy and critical thinking skills in English, students will improve and expand their knowledge and everyday use of grammar, vocabulary, communication (both written and verbal), reading, and comprehension.


High Intermediate ESL

High Intermediate ESL continues to provide learners with the foundations and tools needed to achieve success in life, college, and career. This course has a strong emphasis on skill development; for example, filling out a college application, writing a business letter, writing a resume, and preparing for a job interview. The readings strengthen language and ignite curiosity. The videos introduce learners to real-world themes in addition to short dramatic episodes that reinforce the themes and vocabulary in each unit. Activities challenge learners to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information that helps prepare them for the workplace and academic life.


Advanced ESL (Bridge to Academic and Career Success)

In this course, students develop excellent preparation and organization skills for transitioning to college, vocational training, or achieving career goals. The course focuses on improving reading, writing, verbal, and critical thinking skills necessary for advancing in career and education. Skills taught include individual and collaborative solving of problems, researching, classifying, comparing, and analyzing data using graphs, charts, and technology. Emphasis will be on effective communication proficiency in both verbal and written interactions.

  • Employment and Higher Wages – Bilingual workers are in high demand in today’s job market. Learn English to increase your employability and provide a higher standard of living for your family.

  • Further Your Education – You can learn English and continue your education and career path at SBAS. Earning your high school diploma, career certificate, or college degree does not have to be an unattainable dream! We can help you reach your goals by creating an educational plan and guide you on the pathway to college and career success.   

  • ESL and Technology – Our ESL Program allows you to learn English through the use of technology. We can help you explore career and job opportunities in high demand.  

  • Sense of Belonging – Learning English will allow you to expand your social network. You will be able to engage in conversations with your children, children’s teachers, doctors, co-workers, and friends in the community.

  • Self-Pride – Learning English is an honorable choice! It takes desire and hard work; but once accomplished, your education and gained skills will create a pathway to your future.