Adult Basic Education: College and Career Readiness

El Camino/SBAS Freshman Success Program

You don’t have to do it alone!

Support classes

Study to improve your college writing or math skills starting THIS SUMMER so that in the Fall when you start at El Camino, you are ready to go. That way when you begin at El Camino, you can be simultaneously enrolled at the South Bay Adult School and will continue receiving academic support. Our staff will make sure that you are SOLID in the skills that you need to be successful in your classes. College is challenging, but with SBAS support classes you can be triumphant!

Take advantage of SBAS’s small class size

Worried about getting lost at a big institution like El Camino? (RUHS: 3012 students, ECCC: 24,224 students) Then join our class at the South Bay Adult School. Our small school will allow you to receive the attention of our nationally recognized, full credentialed Adult Education instructors to support your success at ECCC.


Long-standing partnership between SBAS and ECCC

Other organizations may tout their close relation with ECCC, we actually work together. Our counselor meets with their counselors to make sure that you are on track for success. Our united team meets weekly to monitor student progress and makes sure that our instruction supports YOUR academic needs.


and its free!!!
Adult Basic Education
Adult Basic Education (ABE) English Language Arts is a college and career preparatory course demonstrating the 21st Century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and computer literacy.  ABE is designed for English-speaking adults who wish to improve their basic skills in the areas, with an eye towards preparing to participate in classes in higher education. Basic computer literacy gives students the fundamentals of computer use by creating a digital group and individual projects and presenting the work to the class.  
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