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SBAS COVID-19 Protocols

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August 12, 2022

Dear South Bay Adult School Community, 

We would like to inform you that South Bay Adult School adheres to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s (LACDPH) and RBUSD’s COVID protocols and guidelines as follows:

Masks: Per LACDPH, masks are strongly recommended for students and staff inside school buildings and classrooms. Outside, masks continue to be optional for students and staff. Masks are available in the school office should you want/need one.

COVID-19 Testing: Beach Cities Health District will no longer be conducting COVID-19 testing. We are getting large quantities of Over the Counter antigen tests that are available for students if needed in the case of exposure or the onset of symptoms. These, like masks, may be obtained from the SBAS office.

Positive Case: Should you develop symptoms, please stay home and get  tested (an at-home antigen test is the easiest/fastest result).  Report any positive case to SBAS Administrative Assistant, Cindy Krick at 310-937-3340 X3301 instructions for next steps.  You may also refer to the Protocols for Student Quarantine at the following link: Protocols for Student Quarantine

Communication After Exposure: In the event there is a positive case in your classroom, affected individuals will be contacted directly by their school or District staff with self-isolation directions and other important information.  Students who are not affected will not receive a notification letter. 

Health Screening: This is important. We continue to ask that you screen your symptoms each day, prior to reporting to SBAS. Please contact SBAS Administrative Assistant, Cindy Krick at 310-937-3340 x3301 immediately if you test positive. We will not screen students nor will we take temperatures upon entry to the school site.

Hand Hygiene: We continue to emphasize washing one’s hands often. SBAS is equipped with an abundance of soap, water, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. We encourage each student to bring his/her/their own bottle of hand sanitizer to school each day. 

Air Filtration/Classroom Ventilation: We use the MERV-13 air filters in every standard classroom in the district.  These filters are replaced quarterly. The HVAC systems are programmed to run during all occupied hours of the day. Additionally, we keep classroom windows and doors open.

As LACDPH makes substantive changes to their guidelines and protocols, we will share this information with staff and students in a timely manner.

Suzanne Webb,  Ed.D.


South Bay Adult School